The landscape of publishing has changed dramatically in recent years. The traditional path to getting their words to readers is no longer the only option available to writers today. Through a number of self-publishing platforms, authors can see the goal of their work being read within reach. You can connect with some of those writers here by Subscribing to my Newsletter, or by simply searching the web. And don’t forget to support your local Independent Bookseller by ordering copies through them. If anything, it’ll give you a chance to get of the house. Thanks for reading!

This Month’s Author Spotlight:  

Sherman Alexie

I chose Sherman Alexie for this month’s spotlight because 1.) he’s one of my favorite writers, and 2.) he embodies everything about the independent spirit! His earliest poetry was printed via a copier, and bound with staples. Publishing doesn’t get more independent than that. He works closely with the small presses that print his books and independent booksellers that sell them. He does extensive self-promotion, and the movies that were adapted from his writing were not produced by the traditional Hollywood path. There’s an irreverence to how he views the world around him, as you can sense from the video below.

For more, visit his official website