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This Month’s Author Spotlight:  

Ursula K. Le Guin

I’m currently re-reading Le Guin’s Earthsea Saga. I first discovered it in my tween years. Then, it was only a trilogy. Now it has five novels and some shorter works. It is just as good as I remember, and a great starter for young adults interested in fantasy, or whatever. Other favorites of mine by her are The Left Hand of Darkness and The Lathe of Heaven, each quite different from the other.

Although labelled a writer of science fiction and fantasy, she preferred simply to be thought of as an American novelist. Just one of the things that has drawn me to her work over the years. A poet and writer of speculative, realistic, and non-fiction, she has written on fringe topics like gender identity and sexuality, moral development (as opposed to the hackneyed “coming-of-age” theme), and alternative political systems.

More than most any other author, Le Guin offers something for every reader, and is one of the few writers I look forward to introducing my son to when he’s of that reading level.