The landscape of publishing has changed dramatically in recent years. The traditional path to getting their words to readers is no longer the only option available to writers today. As such, independently published authors have become a ubiquitous part of that landscape. You can connect with writers, traditional and independent, here by Subscribing to my Newsletter. And don’t forget to support your local Independent Bookseller by purchasing through them. If anything, it’ll give you a chance to get out of the house. Thanks for reading!

This Month’s Author Spotlight:  

Jennie Malemed

By day, she’s a psychiatric nurse practitioner, specializing in working with traumatized children. By night, or whatever time of the day it is she writes, she’s a novelist. Her first, and to date, only book, Gather the Daughters, is dystopia-literature at its very best. Forget Hunger Games. Toss Divergent out the window. You can even put The Handmaid’s Tale aside for awhile. Ms. Malemed’s writing is so rich of setting and characters you’d think it was non-fiction. But be glad it isn’t. Gather the Daughters is darkly realistic, disturbingly plausible, and deliciously haunting.

I can’t wait for her second book.