Distant Fires

Smoke veiled the foothills, shrouded the trees in a gray-brown haze. The typically lush hues of the Northwest became muted and dull; the horizon, a faint outline. […]

We Are Big Brother

Even someone who's never read George Orwell's classic dystopian novel understands the idea of Big Brother - an ever-watchful collective that monitors our daily activities and behavior, passing judgement [...]

Yes, But The Book Was Better

I daydream sometimes about having a book I've written adapted into a movie. And that makes me wonder about the whole process and how much I would want to [...]

Oh, Dystopia!

When I was sending my manuscript around to agents and publishers, a common criticism of why it was rejected was that it would be lost among all the other [...]

What’s So Scary About…?

I've got an inkling of an idea for a novel that involves some kind of horrific or disturbing element. So that's led me to think about what I find [...]