A Strange Pleasure

I get a strange pleasure from making readers cry. Or ponder, or fear, or laugh, if that be the case. […]

How Do You Come Up With This Crap?

A writer never knows from where or when an idea may come. While my wife and I were on a road trip through Northern Arizona, […]

That Contentious Semicolon!

You wouldn’t think that a topic as innocuous as punctuation could illicit the slightest opinion or criticism. And yet… […]

The Genre Game

There are a lot of things to love about living here in the the Northwest. One of them is the Seattle International Film Festival. It’s a great way to escape the predictable regurgitation Hollywood forever lives up to. […]

Get Your Own Ideas, Pal!

A few months back I went on about originality: how truly original ideas are rare, and how most of us creative types find inspiration in what’s come before, imprinting our own style and world-view onto what’s already been done. And that’s okay. […]

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One

As I watched the first installment produced from Suzanne Collins’ series of novels (I have yet to read her books. See my post Readarcolepsy for clarification.) I couldn’t help but think of how derivative it was of so many other movies.  […]

The Oblivious Hero

[I recently went on a virtual book tour. For one of my "stops," I was asked to write a guest blog regarding the alpha-maleness of my novel's main character. [...]