Gospel For The Damned

Lucky enough to be in the 2-percent of the nation immune to the Omega virus, journalist Aaron Garrett is given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enter the quarantined city of San Francisco. His assignment: Spend three days with the family of Samuel Elliot, the errant minister suspected of releasing the deadly contagion upon the Bay Area.

“Apocalypse fans you will LOVE this…the type of writing that is usually found in traditionally published novels…The book is enthralling.” Carrie, Cryptic Reads

“The characters are compelling, ideas inventive and philosophies thought-provoking.” AnneG, Amazon


The Quieting West

My second book is slated to release this Summer. It is the story of two cowboys looking for work in the rapidly changing world of the early 1900’s. Their wanders lead them to a land of wonder and enchantment – Hollywood! It is a story of truth, fiction, and disillusionment.

The Quieting West has the flavor of great historical fiction, given the research provided on the era. It weaves fact and fiction together in a way that leaves you wondering which parts really could have happened, and which are pure fantasy, but we’ll never know for sure. Gravley has clearly researched the period well, knitting anecdotal history together to create a compelling novel that feels more like memoir than fiction.” Self-publishing Review


Photo by Janice Wisman

Gordon Gravley has been making up stories all his life. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Gordon moved around – California; Colorado; Alaska; Northern Arizona – before eventually settling in Seattle, Washington. Calling the Northwest his home since 1998, he doesn’t expect to be moving elsewhere anytime soon. There, he’ll continue to make up stories and live with his wife and son.

Contact: gordongravley@gmail.com

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