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Anyone who knows me can attest that sometimes I can be a little slow on the uptake. A modern day simile could be that I’m slow to download, like a computer without enough megabytes. […]

Distant Fires

Smoke veiled the foothills, shrouded the trees in a gray-brown haze. The typically lush hues of the Northwest became muted and dull; the horizon, a faint outline. […]

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Fast Reads

With every generation, life gets exponentially faster. […]

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Current Happenings

Last month, I participated in an Indie Author Event hosted by Brick & Mortar Books in Redmond, Washington. Read more HERE.

Enjoy this interview I did with Bespoke Book Covers! Thanks Peter and Caroline!

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Gordon Gravley has been making up stories all his life. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Gordon moved around – California; Colorado; Alaska; Northern Arizona – before eventually settling in Seattle, Washington. Calling the Northwest his home since 1998, he doesn’t expect to be moving elsewhere anytime soon. There, he’ll continue to make up stories and live with his wife and son.

Contact: gordongravley@gmail.com

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