It’s been a year since I posted my blog Two Books and a Plan which outlined a four-part strategy for the coming year. Well, it’s been 12 months. Let’s see how my plan went:

1.) Republish current books with IngramSpark   This step went well. A couple of printing issues, but in the end I got publications I’m happy to have my name on. Thanks mostly to Peter at Bespoke Book Covers. The professional results of this step allowed me to move on to the next step…

2.) Form relationships with local booksellers Well, four out of nineteen, anyway. Four of the best, I might add. And I’m not just being biased.

3.) Connect with readers through those stores Two appearances with Brick & Mortar Books’ Indie Author Night, and an upcoming reading this summer at Third Place Books. I couldn’t have asked for more. (I could have, but that would have just been greedy. Instead, I’m grateful.) Which leads to the fourth step…

4.) Publish next book and repeat With Of Gilded Flesh in the hands of a capable editor, and a beautiful cover already designed, my gut tells me the progress I’ve made this past year will move ahead exponentially. Just consider the fact that I’ve made more from my writing in the last twelve months than the all the previous years combined.

I’m excited! Thanks for joining me on this journey. Please continue along and see where it goes next.

Gordon Gravley