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Some writers “pen” their first draft very quickly, and then do lots of revisions after. I wish I were one of those writers.

Instead, I plod along, doing research and revising much as I go, making sure the words and structure are “just right” before moving on. It’s a tedious approach, but I can’t seem to break the habit. Next, it’s time to edit and…Revise⇒

I’ve begun writing my fourth book, Once Upon A Road, a collection of three novellas about a trio of siblings making their way in the world. The eldest son lives under a cloud of depression and self-loathing which manifests into bullying and a crude, scathing sense-of-humor. His younger brother is a tightly wound ball of anxiety, desperately in love with a woman every man wants. Their misanthropic sister, the youngest of the three, leaves home at an early age in an attempt to find something in the world not to hate – an ounce of good, a promise of hope, perhaps.  For the three of them, it’s not so much a coming-of-age, it’s more about them coming-to-terms with who they are, accepting their faults, and evolving their strengths.

Photo by Jenna Gravley

Gordon Gravley has been making up stories all his life. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Gordon moved around – California; Colorado; Alaska; Northern Arizona – before eventually settling in Seattle, Washington. Calling the Northwest his home since 1998, he doesn’t expect to be moving elsewhere anytime soon. There, he’ll continue to make up stories and live with his wife and son.

Contact: gordongravley@gmail.com

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