Once I’ve developed an idea into a few key scenes, plot points, and characters, I then make a framework upon which I’ll build the manuscript. It is also during this stage where I’ll further develop characters and conduct research. (Actually, I do research throughout the entire writing process, as needed.) My outlines look a little like a schematic drawing or a flow chart connecting characters and plot points from the beginning of a story to its end. And then I’ll write a few paragraphs about the key characters – their history, some descriptive details, etc. After I’ve outlined to my satisfaction, I begin writing a first…Draft⇒

I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. I’ve got three ideas vying for the position of being my next (fifth) novel. One is a sequel/prequel to Gospel for the Damned titled Legacy for the Damned, where we see what happens after the initial story, and the events that led to the whole mess in the first place.

Another idea involves an otherwise ordinary family experiencing a horrific, violent attack, and the effect it has on their lives and their future.

Lastly, is a twist on the classic tale of a stranger riding into a western town one day – a stranger with a nefarious tie to all its residents!

I’ll write all these books one day. It’s a matter, now, or which will be the next.

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