Even though I may do all kinds of revisions during the first draft, I still go back over the whole thing to make it as good as I can. Part of this involves bringing in a professional editor and/or proofreader.

This comes from a time when I wanted my submission to agents and publishers to be as perfect as possible. Now that I publish independently, I do it because I want to put out the best product that I can for my audience.

Once revised to my satisfaction, it’s time to…Publish⇒

I’m now fine-tuning my third novel, Of Gilded Flesh. It came about from a desire to write something Steampunk-esque, and romantic. It turned out more 18th Century Clockwork than Steampunk, and more of a tragedy than a romance.

It is the story of a renowned clockmaker who has a penchant and a talent for making fully working, mechanized body parts – hands, legs, and even hearts – and the women who love him. Especially his assistant, a young woman he rescued, damaged and near death, from a rocky hillside. Their relationship sets in motion a series of events that changes both their lives in dire ways.





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