The Quieting West

This is the story of two cowboys, Billy Colter and Thomas Andrew Benton, out of work in the rapidly changing world of the early 1900’s. They find jobs in Arizona with a renegade group of silent film makers, and are soon lured to a land of great enchantment and seduction – Hollywood!

It is a story of truth, fiction, and the disillusionment between the two; a story woven of humor, romance, and tragedy.

The Quieting West has the flavor of great historical fiction, given the research provided on the era. It weaves fact and fiction together in a way that leaves you wondering which parts really could have happened, and which are pure fantasy, but we’ll never know for sure. Gravley has clearly researched the period well, knitting anecdotal history together to create a compelling novel that feels more like memoir than fiction.” Self-publishing Review

“When you think of cowboys and ranch hands, poetry is probably not among the first traits that come to mind. Images of six guns and roping cattle and dusty ten gallon hats are more likely to dance in front of you. In this amazing book you get all that and more.” Laura Reading, Amazon

“What a fascinating story! Upon finishing this novel, I was left with a great feeling knowing I had read a solid and well-written story.” Sage Adderley-Knox, Goodreads

“…it ultimately takes readers on a colorful ride from the Rockies to the Southwest, ending up with the bathtub gin, corruption and false-front romance of Hollywood.” IndieReader

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